• A wide range of high quality

    Want a good beer?

    at Workshop Beer

  • A wide range of high quality

    You want diversity in types?

    Over 40
    types of beer

  • The freshest beers made in traditional


    in lenght

  • Discover the fabulous world of

    Locked pints

Locked Pints

  • At the Beer workshop, loyal customers receive free of charge the service of locking their personal pints. We are the only in-house in Iasi which offers a locked box for your personalized mug, the one that truly represents you. In order to use this service, you needn’t do much.


Newspapers & books

  • Known being the fact that the motto of the Beer Workshop is“the place where you can eat and drink by the book ", it is understandable that you will find here a library well garnished.



  • Since September 16, 2011, the opening date of the Beer workshop, there have played in our location a series of successful bands from the musical area of Iasi.


Welcome to Atelierul de Bere! The perfect place to spend a wonderful time for mind and stomach!

"Atelierul de bere" is making you an offer that you can`t refuse: 40 beers on Draught including 8 kinds and 32 bottled is the only place in Iasi which serves inhouse beer, a good drink with a price more than friendly. The menu does not include domestic beer of any kind. Tuborg and Carlsberg are made in Romania, otherwise, all the others are imported, including workshop beer. It belongs to the corporation Carlsberg and produced especially for restaurants and pubs that have a tight and long lasting collaboration agreement.

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