Locked pints

At the Beer workshop, loyal customers receive free of charge the service of locking their personal pints. We are the only in-house in Iasi which offers a locked box for your personalized mug, the one that truly represents you. In order to use this service, you needn’t do much.

Just bring your favouritebeer mug from home and a padlock,so that we could lock it. You keep the keys andwhenever you open or close the box, the bartender will wash your mug so that you could use it judiciously to your full satisfaction. After you take possession of the box, you will soon receive a keychain with the number of the box you have chosen.

We have 108 boxes and two thirds are still available,so if you hurry, you can own a bitof the beer workshop, where your personal mug will be kept safe along with thoseof other notable customers.