Newspapers and books

 Known being the fact that the motto of the Beer Workshop is“the place where you can eat and drink by the book ", it is understandable that you will find here a library well garnished. It exists so that some customers couldseewhat it is like to eat and drink“by the book ", for others to fill their time while waiting for their buddies and for the latterto enjoy a mug of beer or a coffee whilebrowsing a magazine or a book of their choice.

And last but not least, because our customers are certainly the most intelligent of the city of Iasi. Only a fine and aristocratic spirit can taste the completeness of beverages and gourmet flavours, surrounded by prints of wisdom and collections with words of wit.

You can borrow books from uson condition of letting the bartender know or at least one of the waiters. Even if we were not carefulenough to enroll the activity of lending books inour firm regulations, we, the ones from the Beer Workshop, have the honor and pleasure to serve our customers in this way too.

In addition to newspapers and books, music and atmosphere, a delicious cuisine and an offer of beverages that unleash the tongues ​​and cement friendships in crystalline rhapsodies ofclinked pints, at the Beer Workshop is the perfect place to spend a wonderful time for mind and stomach!